EFCA History and Polity Class March 24-25 @ His Place, Post Falls, ID

 We will be offering the EFCA History and Polity Class at HIS PLACE, Post FALLS, ID
on Fri-Sat March 24-25, 2017.  This will be taught by Greg Strand, director of EFCA biblical theology and credentialing.

   Our goal is to provide this at NO COST, other than your transportation.  You will want to plan to completely block out Friday and Saturday for the class.

    This is an extremely rare and important opportunity.  Not only does this fulfill the reading qualification for applicants for Licensing and Ordination, but it will provide an authoritative and extensive overview of the Evangelical Free Church history, culture, doctrine and direction.  I an think of no better opportunity to be offered this DECADE for people to learn about the EFCA.

   WHO:  we strongly encourage every church to send as many key leaders and interested individuals as possible.  Pastors, other Staff, elders, deacons, teachers, aspiring young leaders. 

   UNDERWRITING – We are looking for contributions to underwrite this class in the amount of 2500.00.  If any individuals or churches want to make a contribution/pledge for this, please contact me directly by email or phone(below).

   LODGING NEEDED – if any local churches want to recruit families who can provide housing to attendees, let us know who the appropriate church contact person is.


   REGISTER –  RSVP to our NMD secretary Virginia Anderson @  office@efcannmd.org


   1 PM         Session #1
    5:- 7 PM   Dinner Break @ His Place
7 – 9  PM  Class Session #2

    8 – 12 AM  Class Session #3
    Noon – Dismissed, lunch on your own

   HOUSING   Some housing is available in local homes  Contact our NMD secretary Virginia Anderson

   MATERIALS –  Greg Strand will bring all needed course material