Axcess Update – Bruce Bridgeman – Feb 27, 2016

Axcess update – Feb 27

These last couple weeks have been great.  Nick, a member of Axcess, approached a homeless man going from car to car at Albertson’s asking for money.  He engaged the man, found out he was recently divorced, new to town, starting over, and had literally nothing except a phone through the VA.

This man’s name is Spencer.  He is a 50 yr. old retired veteran.  Nick bought him some food and got his cell phone number.. Within  the week, Spencer secured a small rental through opportunities Inc. here in town, and secured a job as a janitor at Home Depot. 

In the meantime, our newly divorced neighbor, Megan, needed a hand loading a truck with her ex-husband’s stuff to ship it to Utah.  I called our Axcess people and had some show up to help a complete stranger load her truck.  Spencer, our new friend, asked if he could come help! He showed up and Megan found out his story. She gave him a bed, some blankets, a pillow, and some small furniture. He was very touched. I found out that he had to walk 5 miles one way to get to work, so I brought him over to my garage and gave him a bike.  He was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Spencer will be coming to Axcess tonight for the first time! We are now pursuing Megan, our neighbor, and she has visited Axcess now a couple times. She was touched that complete strangers would come and help her.

Yesterday, my daughter Faith approached a homeless woman in the parking lot and found out her story and her immediate needs.  We were able to share the love of Jesus, give her some blankets, and Faith texted Axcess people her needs. 

Jimmy and Crystal, Axcess members, and Nick showed up and gave her some food, some gift cards to Wal-Mart, and some feminine hygiene products.

This week I reconnected with an old acquaintance Jessie.  She is a recovering 15 year barbiturate and meth addict and former stripper who is now pursuing Jesus. Her son just got out of jail and they want to come to Axcess!

These are the kinds of things I have been waiting for for three years!  People have experienced now what it means to love on people in Jesus name and are catching the bug! Its infectious! 

Please pray that this excitement would continue to grow. This small group has become so loving and reaches out to everyone, but really has an excitement for the “least of these.”  I have worked hard at not growing weary in well doing (not perfect in any sense) but believe we may be at the start of seeing some of the harvest. Blessed to lead Axcess!

                                                                                                                      Pastor Bruce Bridgeman