About P.I.E. (Partners in Extension)

PIE Plant in Hands ImageWhy P.I.E (Partners in Extension)?

One of the purposes of the Northern Mountain District EFCA is to see local churches grow, thrive and flourish in the building of the Church and the winning of the lost.

Because of the geographical nature of our District, many of our churches are rural and small, but still have the potential to affect many lives for Christ.

Occasionally, when a church is small, it will need help when it is being planted, restarted, or when it is in need of a pastor, but does not have the necessary resources to invest in his support.

When a church needs a “jumpstart” to go and grow, our District can be there to lend a hand.


What is P.I.E.?

Partners in Extension is a NMD program designed to help ministries whose potential is confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

P.I.E.is a working fund made available for church starts, restarts and temporary pastoral subsistence assistance when a small, but promising church needs help

P.I.E. becomes many hands across our District extended – partnering with – a sister EFCA church to help it be all that God has called it to be.

How Does P.I.E. Work?

P.I.E works through partnership.  Individuals or churches can pledge to make monthly contributions to the P.I.E. fund for one year at a time.

P.I.E. would make funds available up to $1,500 per month to help support a pastor for a maximum of 2 years, on a descending sliding scale, until the church was able to adequately support a pastor.

If 180 people across the District each pledged just $25.00 per month, that would provide $4,500 per month, which could assist 3 churches and their pastors.

The amount of funds made available would be contingent upon the amount of some matching funds from the church itself.  The NMD board will evaluate these ratios, but it is important for everyone to have some “skin in the game.”

Click here to become a partner       Click here to read our PIE challenge

Who is Eligible for P.I.E. Funds?

Eligibility for funds is determined by the guidelines established by the NMD Board, in consultation with other pastors, by prayer, and by the leading and confirmation of the Holy Spirit.

What are the Benefits of P.I.E.?

The benefits of implementing this program are great, and the return is eternal:

  • More people are reached with the gospel of Christ
  • More of God’s people can mature in their faith
  • We can be a part of the success of a sister church
  • We can be a part of helping to place a pastor where he is called to be
  • Deeper relationships are forged with other churches and believers
  • Our District is more united
  • We can share in a common goal
  • By joint participation, we can accomplish far more than we can individually
  • We will share in the evangelization of another community
  • We will be a part of winning the lost to Christ through the efforts of that church
  • We will see the results of our participation in heaven

Become a Partner – our P.I.E. Giving Challenge 

  • Bronze:  Individual Challenge – we are looking for 6 members in each of our congregations who would be willing to pledge $25 per month
  • Silver:  Leadership Challenge – we are challenging every senior pastor, elder, and deacon to pledge $10 per month.  If every church leadership group participated at this minimal level, P.I.E would be funded at 50% of our target!  Of course, if 6 of these pledged $25, we would be FULLY FUNDED!
  • Gold:  Full Partnership – at least 6 leaders plus 6 other church members pledging $25 per month
  • Platinum:  Full Partnership of individual giving PLUS a line item on your church missions budget for any amount.
  • Legacy Partner:  One time donations of $5,000 or more

Become a Partner!    Click here to enroll as a monthly supporter.