Ministerial Credentialing

     Certificate of Ordination The Northern Mountain District promotes excellence in pastoral leadership through a credentialing process in conjunction with our national office of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  Our NMD Board of Ministerial Standing (DBOMS) helps candidates navigate through the entire process, from their initial application forms on through their final council.

     We consider the credentialing process to be of the highest importance in order to preserve the integrity of the gospel, and to preserve the unity of the EFCA.  Just as the gospel is a sacred trust, so it is that EFCA credentials identify those entrusted as stewards of the gospel.

     In the EFCA, credentials are available to those who are already serving in local churches in vocational ministry.  This is in keeping with our congregational polity, where we see ministers as ones called of God, affirmed in the local church, and finally confirmed by the greater EFCA as embodied in our district and national structures.

     The process will include:

  • A completed application form.
  • A letter to the NMD from you, and an ADDITIONAL letter from your church requesting ordination
  • Completing required reading on EFCA History and Polity.
  • A formal paper from 35 to 40 pages (this range is increased from 15-20 for a license), double space which will include your conversion, call to ministry, doctrinal section, current issues, and your affirmation of EFCA distinctives and process.
    • The expectation is that your ordination paper will be somewhat more refined than your licensing paper, although your previous statements may well be your best thoughts!
    • There are suggested subtopics available on a worksheet from national EFCA.
  • A council, which will be organized by the DBOMS

        Here is some information to guide you in your pursuit of a certificate of license or ordination with the Evangelical Free Church.